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Cuando PHP 5 fue lanzado en 2004,, fuimos uno de los primeros hosts en permitirlo. No es casualidad entonces que fuimos de los primeros en ofrecer hospedaje PHP 7. El incremento de 200% en rendimiento más rápido proporcionado por PHP 7 es impresionante, pero combine eso con nuestros servidores Turbo con cargas de página hasta 20 veces más rápidas, ¡y su sitio en verdad será ultra-veloz! Solo use nuestro conmutador PHP para elegir 7, o una de nuestras otras versiones disponibles.

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¿Tiene alguna pregunta sobre hospedaje PHP 7? Simplemente hágaselas a nuestros expertos en soporte 24/7/365. Ellos le pueden decir que su cuenta incluye cada recurso de programador que usted pueda desear, como las mejores versiones de MySQL y acceso gratuito a SSH.

Get started now and you'll be able to try us completely risk free thanks to our Money-Back Guarantee. You'll even be hosted on our ultra-reliable servers backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment!

Para la más reciente y estable versión de PHP, asegúrese de visitar nuestra página de de hospedaje PHP.

PHP 7 Features

PHP 5.0 fue lanzado hace mucho tiempo, en 2004, y ahora estamos en PHP 7.. La pregunta lógica es, ¿qué pasó con PHP 6? El equipo de desarrollo de PHP decidió dejar atrás a PHP 6 porque tenía objetivos totalmente diferentes comparados con PHP 7.. El incremento de rendimiento es el objetivo clave de PHP 7.. ¡El equipo de desarrollo de PHP ha sido muy exitoso! Esto debido a que las pruebas de velocidad muestran que PHP 7 rinde 100% más rápido comparado con 5.6..

¿Cómo fue el equipo de desarrollo capaz de obtener este tipo de resultados? El motivo principal es que PHP 7 está basado en PHPng (PHP Next Gen). El objetivo de phpNG era acelerar el rendimiento de la aplicación PHP y mejorar la eficiencia de la memoria. El equipo ha sido bastante exitoso, y PHP 7 es prueba de ello.

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A2 Hosting offers you the fastest, most developer friendly solutions featuring the very best versions of PHP. Here are a few reviews from PHP Hosting customers who have enjoyed our service.

Frequently Asked PHP Questions

PHP Hypertext Processor (PHP) hosting uses and fully supports the PHP programming language. As your PHP host, we offer the Linux operating system, Apache server software, MySQL database, and PHP programming language (LAMP) structure.

PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page but after several changes, PHP became the present recursive acronym. It is an open source web development language fully free to use. Commands embedded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) templates originate at the server, which sends them to the browser. PHP is a popular and versatile programming language with many applications commonly found in dynamic websites.

PHP is an adaptation of Perl and C. Familiarity with those programming languages makes PHP fairly easy to learn; however, with no programming experience, PHP is a good place to begin. Many PHP components are available at no cost. Finding answers to programming questions or finding tutorials on building web pages are also available for free on the Internet.

PHP users are not entirely without problems. PHP does not provide for detection and removal of harmful and bogus data. The PHP language includes 3,000+ commands that can be complicated. Some PHP extensions incompatible with some server software may cause crashes.

Except on static HTML websites, scripts and applications serve up website content. PHP, which makes dynamic websites easier to create, is available primarily on our hosting plans.

Websites reliant on content management systems like WordPress or in need of robust protection of code and customer information need a PHP server host. Its open-source code and versatility make it a popular choice. it's always wise decision to contact our support team to confirm server support for your applications when choosing your hosting plans.

The early websites created their content with raw HTML in text editors with an occasional bitmap image. With the coming of PHP, websites became much more dynamic, responsive, and easier to set up.

PHP first appeared in 1995 and within took five years became a popular feature in our hosting plans. In PHP Version 5, arguably the most important subsequent release, a more sophisticated approach to object-oriented programming made a leap forward in efficiency and functionality. Although some continue to use PHP 4 for older websites, official support has ended, and it's advisable to switch to the newer versions, specifically 5 and above. As of 2015, the next version will be PHP 7 following abandonment of Version 6 after various resource problems.

PHP connects HTML pages to databases and multimedia applications for creation of dynamic, interactive content. There are many reasons to use PHP to develop websites:

Beginners favor PHP because they can incorporate it into HTML documents. The PHP interpreter reads only items within delimiters. Everything else remains regular HTML, making it easy for them to add small amounts of code to their sites.

  • PHP is a lightweight option that can operate on all kinds of hosting accounts.
  • PHP is free so most hosts offer it in their plans.
  • PHP allows retrieval of content from databases for content variety.
  • Website visitors cannot read PHP, so it's suitable for sensitive applications for authorizations and payment processes.
  • If not already installed, users may be able to install PHP through their control panels.
  • PHP is necessary for WordPress and many similar applications.
  • Most hosting packages support PHP at no extra cost and provide PHP scripts to enhance websites.
  • Learning PHP is not difficult; lots of tutorials help users get started.

As your PHP host, A2 Hosting has the best versions installed and ready to use. We also also provide one-click deployment of the most popular website applications like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

You may encounter the following terms and abbreviations:

  • "Foo" is a placeholder term or wildcard seen on PHP forums, in working code, and in examples online.
  • "PEAR" is the PHP Extension and Application Repository, a code library that simplifies and expedites development.
  • "Zend" is a software company that develops PHP applications. One product is the Zend Engine for execution of PHP code.
  • "phpinfo()" - Function used to learn more about your PHP server environment.
  • php mail() - Send email easily with the built-in mail() function.

PHP questions to ask before choose your A2 Hosting plan include:

  • What PHP version do I need?
  • Which extensions do I need?

For developments on the latest PHP version as it's released or for maintenance of compatibility on an established, stable, supported release, A2 Hosting covers the field on our high-performance SwiftServer platform. A2 Hosting servers are fast and ultra-reliable. We understand that if a site goes down, visitors can't do business, find contact information, or read your newest blog post it. Downtime always means lost opportunity.

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