How to migrate an addon domain to its own cPanel account

This article describes how to migrate an existing addon domain to its own dedicated cPanel account.

This article only applies to plans:
  • Managed Reseller plans
  • VPS administrado
  • Core VPS / Managed with Root
  • Managed Dedicated services
  • Core Dedicated / Managed with Root

Migrating an addon domain to a dedicated cPanel account

To migrate an addon domain to its own cPanel account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. In the search box at the upper left of the WebHost Manager screen, start typing convert, and then click Convert Addon Domain to Account when it becomes visible. The Convert Addon Domain to Account page appears:

    Select Addon Domain

  3. Locate the addon domain you want to convert to a dedicated cPanel account, and then click Convert.
  4. Type the new username you want to use for the account, and select the new account’s package:

    Configure details

  5. Review the settings for the following items, and make any changes if necessary:

    • Website Configuration
    • Custom DNS Records
    • Email
  6. Next to MySQL Databases, click Configure. The following page appears:


  7. Use the checkboxes to select the MySQL databases and users you want to migrate, and then click Save Selections. The selections appear on the main conversion page:

    Selected databases and users

  8. Click Start Conversion. The conversion process begins.
  9. After the addon domain has been converted to its own cPanel account, the start and end times of the completed addon conversion appear:

    conversion start and end times

  10. To view details about the conversion, click Details.
  11. Test the new site to verify that the migration succeeded.

More Information

For more information about converting addon domains, please visit the official cPanel documentation at

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