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Setting up e-mail

The following articles show you how to set up e-mail for your web site. After you create an e-mail account in cPanel, you can access it using webmail in your browser, or your own e-mail client application such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Configuring and accessing your e-mail

Learn how to configure and access e-mail for your hosting account.

Introduction to e-mail protocols

SMTP, POP3, IMAP... this article introduces fundamental e-mail protocols. If you are new to setting up e-mail accounts, we recommend you start here.

Accessing e-mail accounts through webmail

Learn how to access an e-mail account using webmail. This is the easiest way to access an e-mail account, and requires no special configuration.

Accessing e-mail accounts with client applications

This article provides information you need for setting up a client application to access an e-mail account on an A2 Hosting server. Although this method requires more configuration than using webmail, it also offers more features.

Troubleshooting e-mail accounts

Are you having trouble accessing your account or sending messages? This article shows several ways to troubleshoot e-mail accounts.

E-mail client application setup

These articles demonstrate how to set up e-mail access for a variety of client applications, including Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Messages are not copied to the Sent folder when using IMAP

This article discusses a problem that can occur on Mac Mail and Outlook Express when you use IMAP to connect to an e-mail account. Messages that you send are not copied to the Sent folder.

Viewing e-mail message headers

You can view a message's raw e-mail headers to help troubleshoot e-mail problems. Additionally, A2 Hosting support staff may ask you to send this information if you are experiencing certain types of e-mail issues. This article describes how to view the e-mail message headers using a variety of client applications.

Using external SMTP servers to send e-mail

Some hosting packages do not allow you to send e-mail through external SMTP servers, while other hosting packages do not have this restriction. Learn more here.

Troubleshooting Apple (Mac) Mail

If you are experiencing problems with Apple (Mac) Mail, this article is here to help.