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How To Use cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is a fully featured web-based control panel that enables you to manage your domain through an easy-to-use web interface. Using cPanel, you can manage all aspects of your site, including e-mail, files, backups, FTP, CGI scripts, web site statistics, and much more.

Getting Started with cPanel

Are you new to A2 Hosting or web hosting in general? Need help with cPanel? Start here!

cPanel File Features

cPanel has many ways that you can manage your web site's files. You can make backups, edit files, manage FTP accounts, and more.

cPanel Mail Features

cPanel offers lots of configurable features to support e-mail. Learn how to use them with these articles.

cPanel Database Features

You can use cPanel to manage your web site's databases. cPanel supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

cPanel Domain Features

Learn how to use cPanel's domain features to manage your web site's domain, subdomains, and more.

cPanel Logging Features

You can use cPanel to manage logging features on your web site. Learn how with these articles.

cPanel Security Features

Learn how to help secure your web site by using cPanel's security features.

cPanel Advanced Features

Explore cPanel's advanced features.

cPanel Software

cPanel has many software packages that you can install on your web site. Learn about them here.

Migrating cPanel accounts from reseller hosting to shared hosting

Moving from a reseller package to a shared hosting package requires consolidating your cPanel accounts, and this article explains how.

Resetting site content for a managed account

Learn how to start over and reset your account's site content to a default state by using cPanel.